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Alice Urbino: scam ‘lightning process’ causes internalized gaslighting - beware of charlatans

March 8, 2021

When Alice Urbino was a young teenager she got the flu and never got better. Her mother - desperate for her daughter to recover - paid for what she thought was a legitimate treatment -- even though young Alice could plainly see the ‘lightning process’ was based on pseudoscience.

Nevertheless, Alice was pressured to partake in a cult like atmosphere with absurd rituals that amounted to brain washing. Alice was made to believe that she chose to be sick, and that even expressing feelings of nausea or fatigue were signs that she wasn’t trying hard enough and that she had the wrong attitude and that’s why she was still sick.

Not surprisingly, young Alice was brain washed and internalized the blame and shame and soon became depressed and started hating herself. For years, belief in this ‘treatment’ affected Alice’s mental health and belief in herself and the physical symptoms she experienced.

In our interview, Alice tells us how she overcame the internalized gaslighting caused by the lightning process, and to warn us about what she learned about the lightning process’s infamous founder Phil Parker, who professes to have the “ability to step into other people’s assist them in their healing”. Parker - who is often called out as a charlatan on social media - has a long history of financially preying on the sick, vulnerable and desperate.

Link to Phil Parker’s old prototype page:

Connect with Alice Urbino:

twitter and instagram are both @aliceurbino

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Scott Simpson

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I am a counsellor, patient advocate, and - before I became sick and disabled - a passionate triathlete. Work hard. Train hard. Rest hard.

I have been living with HIV since 1998. I was the first person living with HIV to compete at the triathlon world championships.

Thanks to research and access to medications, HIV is not a problem in my life.

I have been living with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) since 2012, and thanks in part to medical error, it is a big problem in my life.

Counseling / Research

I first became aware of the ubiquitousness of medical error during a decade of community based research working with the HIV Prevention Lab at Ryerson University, where I co-authored two research papers on a counseling intervention for people living with HIV, here and here

Patient participants would often report varying degrees of medical neglect, error and harms as part of their counseling sessions.

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I am co-founder of the ME patient advocacy non-profit Millions Missing Canada, and on the Executive Committee of the Interdisciplinary Canadian Collaborative Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Network.

I am also a patient advisor for Health Quality Ontario’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, and member of Patients for Patient Safety Canada.

Medical Error Interviews podcast and vidcast emerged to give voice to victims, witnesses and participants in this hidden epidemic so we can create change toward a safer health care system.

My golden retriever Gladys is a constant source of love and joy. I hope to be well enough again one day to race triathlons again. Or even shovel the snow off the sidewalk.

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